Three generations with the passion in the heart and the strength of those who want to make an excellent and absolutely genuine product, to tell, through wine and oil, the history and tradition of an ancient territory.

150 years of tradition

The Dimaggio family has been a winegrower owner for several generations. The founder was his grandfather Cosimo, the first to understand that producing good wine was an extraordinary passion that could also infect future generations.
The love for their land and experience make the Dimaggio company a certain representative of the ancient wine tradition of Fragagnano, a land absolutely dedicated to viticulture typical of this area.
For some years the company has been promoting the territory and its products with the harvest festival, where the methods and traditions of hand-picking the grapes are re-proposed, with the evenings after harvest that end with typical dances such as the Pizzica Salentina, the Tarantella and the tasting of typical local products accompanied of course by the good Dimaggio wine.

The goal of Elena and Mimmo today is to bring the family wine tradition to the world by taking care of the production at all stages in order to offer the market a product of excellence.
Dimaggio, a company with deep historical roots that produces quality wines in the wonderful and generous land of Puglia. Lands that extend into the heart of the peninsula, where the combination of unique climatic conditions and a rich and generous land allow the maturation of the Dimaggio vineyards, thus enriching them with unparalleled aromas and tastes.
In this land of Fragagnano, in the province of Taranto, already famous for its grapes, the deep passion of the founders Elena and Mimmo was born. A couple who have been able to develop innovation within the family tradition for the production of excellent wines.